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Connected community through volunteering and services

South East Volunteers (SEV) has been helping the local community in the City of Monash and surrounding areas for over 30 years by providing much needed volunteer services. We are passionate about providing the best services in the best possible way. South East Volunteers provides services to directly assist older people and those with disabilities to stay independent, by assisting with Transport, Social Support and a community Safety Register.

We also support several other community organisations by connecting volunteers with opportunities and providing them with essential training.
Our SEV trained volunteers are frequently praised by those they help and some have won independent awards for Excellence in Volunteering*. We are very proud of our volunteers and recognise the enormous contribution they make to our community.

Client services

Our client services include low cost personalised volunteer transport to medical and other eligible appointments, as well as to SEV organised social activities, preventing social isolation.
These services are available to people who register with My Aged Care**, as well as those with disabilities whose transport or social services are not provided through the NDIS.

*Please speak to us if you would like our services but do not know how to go about registering for My Aged Care.

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Monash community safety register

South East Volunteers runs a Community Safety Register, supported by the City of Monash, to keep older residents of the City of Monash and those with disabilities, connected to the community with regular phone calls. We keep in regular contact to notify them of anything that may affect their safety and advise services that may assist.

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Volunteer services

Our volunteer services include providing agencies to recruit and match volunteers with volunteer positions with registered community organisations. South East Volunteers also trains volunteers to be aware of their current rights and responsibilities and duty of care, as volunteers. We also offer regular training on specific subjects to assist them in their connections with clients, such as dealing with grief or stress, and resolving conflict.
We have offices based in council areas of Monash, Dandenong and Casey.

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Our mission

We partner with the community in the pursuit, provision and growth of volunteering opportunities and social support. We provide a sense of social interaction and safety for vulnerable members of the community. Our services belong to local residents and enhance lifestyles. We welcome people of any gender and any cultural background, whether indigenous or culturally diverse.

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Please call us on 03 9590 5700 or Contact Us if you need more information.